How to know your Address in your PAN No.

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today accidently i came to know 1 thing which i m shairing with you people

if your PAN No. is not registered with Income Tax try this thing

go to income tax website

click on login

registred new user

type your pan no.

and click on click button

you will get the address in the PAN.

many of you might know this, but i think many may be not.



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Hi Praveen

what you said is right.   It can be also seen after Login under tab May Account - Update phone.  Do you know how to correct the address becasue in my address my State is appearing as Tamilnadu instead of Karnataka


You can apply for correction in PAN Card


MBA (Finance) B.Com.(P)

Dear i am talking abt before login. only pan no. is requried to get the address.

if you hv can login you certainly have all the information from the site. but it was just to cross check the pan address if someone gave you,

as far as ur query abt change in pan data is concern.,

Yes you can apply for change in pan data by filling pan change form


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Yes, the address can be matched. Thanks for sharing the information.


Hi Praveen Kumar,

I have one query as u told we can get address of any person just from there PAN number without Login. I tried this for my PAN and also for some of my family and friends PAN card but I am not able to get this address confirmation. So you please Specify where we have to Type or make Enter PAN number or give a direct Link for that. Please Reply me and try to give me a direct link or describe how should I go for this address check as I have to check few addresses of some persons.

Please  reply as early as you can .

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please confirm change of my residential address.


Dear Praveen,

what you said is ok but this facility is avaiable if  i am not registered with website,

If i am registered with website then you cant check the address....

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Dear Praveen,

This is a very useful facility. But when i tried (efiling/newuser registration/click me), a new window for filling the registration form was opened. No address was got displayed anywhere.

Please help me in this matter.


vinodaca74 @


please let know the name & adress of this pan noAQCPB5123D



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