How to file itr online

CA SONIYA AGARWAL (self practice) (3005 Points)

23 July 2015  

To file Income tax return or to View your tax credit statement in Form 26AS   you need to register yourself on the Income tax website


Now the Steps for filling online return are here under:


Step 1: Open the Income Tax portal, and under the download menu on the right hand side you will find the list of ITR for A.Y.2015-16. Download the Income Tax Return (ITR) form applicable to you.


ITR 1 - For Individuals having Salary Income + Income from one house property (excluding cases where loss is brought forward from previous years) +Interest income


ITR 2 - For Individuals / HUFs not having Income from Business or Profession


ITR 2A - For Individuals / HUFs not having Income from Business or Profession and Capital Gains and who do not hold foreign assets


ITR 3:- For Individual / HUF who is a partner in a firm but does not have income from business or profession or under proprietorship. They will be taxable in respect of Interest/Salary/Bonus /Commission remuneration received from partnership firm


ITR 4:- For Individuals / HUFs who has income from business or profession under proprietorship + salary + House property+lottery winnings+capital gains+speculative income+Other sources


ITR 4S- For Individuals/HUF having income from presumptive business


ITR 5 - For firms, AOPs,BOIs and LLP


ITR 6 - Company (Except Section 8 companies)


ITR 7 - Trust/Political Party/Section 10 Exempt Institutions/Section 35 college/institutions


Step 2:- Open the downloaded excel utility of ITR and complete the form by entering all the details.


Step 3 :- Confirm all the information in the worksheet by clicking the 'Validate' tab & cross check the same from FORM 16/16A and Form 26As.


Step 4:- Ascertain the tax payable by clicking the 'Calculate Tax' tab. Pay tax (if applicable) and enter the challan details in the tax return. Tax can be paid online through site using Challan 280.


Step 5:- Proceed to generate an XML file and save it on your computer.


Step 6:- Log on to the Income Tax Department's portal meant for filing taxes online using your Permanent Account Number (PAN), which will act as your user ID.


Step 7 :- Go to 'Upload Return' on the portal's left panel and upload the saved XML file after selecting 'AY 2015-2016 ' and the relevant form. You will be asked whether you wish to digitally sign the file. If you upload the return with digital signature the process of efiling of ITR gets completed on generation of Acknowledgement, if you didn’t use digital signature, you can use Electronic Verification Code (EVC) system as an alternate mode of verification rather than sending by post the manually signed ITR-V (acknowledgment) to CPC Bangalore.


EVC, a ten digit alpha-numeric code, to be provided using any of the 4 methods, namely –

a) internet banking,

b) AADHAR authentication,

c) Bank ATM card and

d) Combination of registered email and mobile number (where income is below Rs 5 lakhs).