How to earn money from stock market...............

CA Nagendra (CA) (1788 Points)

03 May 2016  

If you have time to notice Market during result season, you can easily earn handsome return from Stock Market.
Today I have earned profit of Rs. 54,905/-

(1) Invested Rs. 20,050/- in Call of UPL limited on 29-April (Friday) when it had submitted good Q-4 result. Today Stock jumped 10% and earned Rs. 37950/- (189% return).

(2) Invested Rs. 15,215/- in Put of ICICI on 29-April (Friday) when it had submitted bad Q-4 result. Today Stock moved 4% down and earned Rs. 7310/- (48% return).

(3) Today (3-May: Monday) L&T Finance Holding Limited Submitted good Q-4 result. Bought and sold Future for small change and earned 8800/- (Approx 10% return on investment of 84000 margin)


Regards CA Nagendra (SFM Faculty)