How to apply iec code as an individual?.

Raicemon (Nil) (35 Points)

27 July 2012  

Dear all,

             My name is Raicemon george and i want to apply for IEC code as an individual. My plan is to import and export goods as an agent, broker, or even as a pre-seller. i have been reading all the forums and informations, i could on internet for last four days. i have understood many things from valuable contributors from many websites. I still have some questions to clariffy such as

*some say SB account is enough, but some say current account is mandatory.

*some say individual can only apply for IEC when he or she belongs to a firm, but still....some oppose.

*some say that hard copies to be sent to the respective DGFT office after completion of online application. But some say that it is not necessarry.

Please help.