Saurabh Toshniwal (ca final) (2358 Points)

07 December 2010  

TOO ALL CA's as they can relate to this and all non CAs who might find an explanation as to why CAs are like that only……..

Question: How many balls are there in an over?
Answer: 6

If this were a CA exam question the answer would be WRONG and the examiner’s comment in the suggested answers would be

“Most of the students answered the questions. However, students have not understood the questions correctly. Answer points to a lack of in-depth understanding and conceptual clarity on the subject. Correct answer is 1 ball which is delivered 6 times, if the umpire did not declare any no ball in all those deliveries. In case the umpire declares a No Ball as defined in the Byelaws 24 Rule 3 of the Laws of Cricket (Lords), then there will be an additional ball delivered for every no ball declared by the umpire. Similarly for wide under Byelaw 25 Rule 3 of the Laws of Cricket (Lords) an additional ball will be delivered for every wide ball declared by the umpire. Note that such additional balls will not be counted towards the number of balls”.