Hide your excel sheet sheets-trick

CA Kumar Mukesh (CA CMA FINAL and Advance Excel Trainer)   (6881 Points)

02 August 2013  


Sometime we don't to share Data in Excel Sheets while forwarding Excel Files to someone, now what should we have to do for permanent hide. 

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say I have a workbook with a sheet containing top secret data.

.I can go to the Visual Basic Editor (by pressing Alt+F11) and set the Visible property of the sheet to be xlSheetVeryHidden.

.This property not only hides my top secret sheet, but prevents anyone from manually unhiding it using the user interface.

.For extra protection, I also set a Protect Workbook password.

This should stop anyone from going into the VBE and resetting the visible property of my top secret sheet.

.Ok feel comfortable that your secreted data is protected & save and close the file.