Help regarding cpt study method

Ashish shetty (Student CA IPC / IPCC) (222 Points)

16 August 2013  

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to pursue CA course for my carreer.I have registered with institute and going to give my cpt exam in dec - 2013.i  currently also pursuing

Iam opting for self study for cpt along with help of online lectures and tutorials.i have gone through all 4 subjects for 1 week and i feeled that i can study a/c,maths and law with no problems,but difficulty  iam facing is with Economics !


1)Please tell me in which way should i prepare economics, should i mug up and learn everything  or should focus on important points only.. please help in this


2)Is Cpt Scanner is really usefull for preparation of cpt specially in last 15-20 days of study by solving questions.


Thanks ,