Has icai been unfair to pune,ahmedabad n jaipur CAs?

Sushant Lohani (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (1051 Points)

03 August 2012  

Last campus, Pune, Ahmedabad and Jaipur had seen many Companies (many,by ICAI standards n stats) registered for the above centres. Then, it was a "small city" centre. But this time around, it has been included  in the "big city" centre and the freshers from those areas have been forced to drop the traditional combinations for selecting centres ie Ahmedabad-Mumbai; Jaipur -delhi; Jaipur-Mumbai; Pune-Mumbai; Pune-Bangalore, etc as now they can choose only one of them. This has diminished the chances for the freshers from Gujarat,Rajasthan to get a crack at the interviews.

So far, only 1 Co has registered for Pune and Jaipur; and 2 Cos for Ahmedabad.


God help the CA freshers.