GST Reconciliation even if Invoice Number Mismatch!

Piyush Gandhi (7 Points)

11 July 2021  

Hi guys,

I made this tool to save hours for reconciling Books with GST. Hope it helps you too! You can reconcile GST-2A in 1 min with Advanced Invoice Matching. No installation, no excel skills required.

It can reconcile 1000s of invoices in less than 5 mins and the best part is it matches even if invoice numbers are not the same. E.g - "625" and "INV/2021/625" will match.

We can also ignore amount round-off and date mismatch issues. Earlier my reconciliation process used to take hours, now it's done in less than 5 mins!

I also created a demo video in Hindi for detailed explanation - 

Happy Accounting! 😊