GST on Retainer ship contract employment

RS Ramachandran (CIO) (45 Points)

02 November 2021  


My ex-employer is offering m a job again as a consultant for 2 years on a retainer ship contract with fixed monthly remuneration and also a yearly variable component based on performance. Since I am 59 years old I am not being offered the job as regular employee as i have crossed the retirement age. My questions are :

1) What will be the tax charged to me by the company, will it be a TDS of 10% ?
2) Is GST applicable in this case, if yes who will pay the GST, my company or myself and what will be the % of GST if applicable?
3) Can I claim the TDS during my ITR process, and If I am eligible for filing retruns under Section 44ADA ? 

Thanks and Regards