GST, LUT & Export of Services

ranjit4me (4 Points)

25 September 2021  

Hello respected members,

I am going to provide data services to  a US based company from Oct. I understand that I have to register for GST. But I have few questions that are bothering me. If you could answers those I will be very grateful.

Brief descriptttion about my work. I will be providing data processing service online to my client(He is in USA) working from home in India. I will receive remuneration in USD to my savings account. I do not have a firm registered. I believe my services fall under export of services and I am not liable to charge or pay any GST towards my services. Below are my questions

1. Do I need to apply for IEC to provide any service to client based in USA?

2. Can I apply for LUT in October? Is there any deadline when it should have applied for?

3. Till now I was working for as a salaried employee of an Indian company. So while filing GST forms should I file them from Oct onwards or from April Current FY?

4. I will be charging my client in USD. Lets say I charge USD 4000 for the month of OCT. what INR amount should I be showing while filing GST forms. Also please note banks deduct a service/conversion charges and I wont be getting LIVE INR equivalent of USD 4000. Could some one please clarify on this.

Thank you for reading my queries