Free Excel Addins

Shailesh (accounts & Excel VBA) (342 Points)

08 June 2008  

For a free Excel Addins visit below Site.

1.Calendar Utility.

2.Letter Case : for changing text case in excel cell. (UPPE CASE,  Proper Case, small case, Sentence case)

3.Thesaures in Excel.: To find similar meaning of words from cells text or selected words from a textbox

4. Workbook Navigation : Simple interface to work with large numbers of open Workbooks & Sheets.

5. Sheets Hide\Unhide : Quickly unhide all Sheets

6.Indian Rupees :  to convert number into Indian Rupees in Words and to convert number format to Indian Decimal System

7. VBA Module Utility : for VBA Devloper.

And many more from other pages.