Four weeks residential programme only for males???

CA-AK (CA) (600 Points)

20 April 2013  
Board of Studies is pleased to announce the 20th and 21st Batch of ICAI Four Weeks Residential Pro-gramme on Professional Skills Development from 20th May, 2013 to 16th June, 2013 at Centre of Excellence,Hyderabad.
This programme offers an unique opportunity and would focus on development of communication skills, lead-ership skills, personal traits for effective functioning in business organization and profession.
Keeping in view the basic emphasis of the programme   on Development of Communication
and Writing skills and also to im-bibe confidence in the participants the content of the programme have been thoroughly revised. More empha-sis is given on soft skills, developing personality traitand communication skills of the participants by allocating more time towards these topics.
Only the male students who have passed Chartered Ac
countancy IPCC/ PCC/ PE-
II examination and pursu-
ing last year of article training or
completed Articleship training are invit
ed to join the course. Recently quali-
fied Male Chartered Accountants are also welcome to join the course.
Is it so????