Form 3 and 4 in case of cessation and appointment of partners on different dates

Mayank Sahu (Director) (52 Points)

07 March 2023  


I am designated partner in LLP with 2 partners, me and my brother. last year my brother passed away on 24/09/2022, since there were no operations carried out by LLP at that time I couldn't update form 3 within 30 days, I was also not in good mental and physical state due to which this process was delayed. by year end I carried myself and decided to start fresh business under same LLP.

I made supplementary agreement for cessation of my brother's partnership leaving me as sole partner, however the forms were not getting updated on MCAv3 portal despite several attempts.

I was then told by CA that I need to appoint another partner and then remove partner so that number of partner >1, so I appointed my mother as a partner on 06/01/2023 and made supplementary agreement as such, however the form is still not getting submitted on portal.

I have raised grievance on MCA website, and awaiting response there.

I wanted to understand the limitations and restrictions on submission of form 3 and 4 dates.

Can I submit supplementary agreement including both appointment and cessation events on different dates?

since it is Small LLP, additional fees (delay fees) calculated as per Instruction Kit show 10 times normal fees which should be Rs 50x10, however fee calculator show Rs. 50+13400 amount. which one is to be relied upon?

please help I am still unable to submit the form 3 and 4 till date