Form 2 online problems

Aritra Majumdar (B.Com(H),CA) (2420 Points)

20 September 2018  
Couple of days back I tried to apply online to fill up and submit form 2 but found that email address and contact details were not updated. It said to contact regional council to rectify the same.
Today morning I took a leave from my office to get this problem sorted out. To my shock I was informed at ICAI regional council office that the same problem is being faced by many new CA s and it is some kind of server problem.
When I asked them about the current status of the issue they said they have no clue about when the same will be resolved. In the meantime I was told to submit physical copy of Form 2 instead.
The indifferent attitude of ICAI really surprised me. Surely there should have been a notification in website about such an issue being faced by thousands of new CA s. Instead we are being made to discover the harsh truth on our own and passing on this unfortunate information to friends who are taken by sheer surprise when they tried to apply online and found similar problems.
Instead of campaigning for regional council elections it is high time that these kind of issues are addressed in due course of time and officially communicated to all concerned.