Filing this year

ragav (nil) (59 Points)

05 December 2021  

Respected all:

1. I have fd interest or around 62000 and savings interest of 28000 I also reveived family maintenance money from foreign friend during corona of Rs. 24000 from US. Other than that, I have made capital gain in long toerm 4500 short term loss 3000 intraday loss 600. total turnover (buy+sell)= 2.8 lakh. I did not do Future and options. Dividendes cane aroud 400 Rs 400.

1.What form should i use to file the ITR.

2. Now a days there is interest statement showing in portal AIS which shows 3000 extra from what i arrived in my pass book.. It could be due to joint holding with my family member the discrepancy is showing but no T
DS deducted. I am not seniour citizen. Okay, I have doubt whether to declare 62000 as per pass book or 65000 per AIS in portal.

Will it be a problem if there is a mismatch betweej these 2.

Respected members of this great forum kindly reply.


Thank you.