Filing of documents for defaulting companies

Anshu Garg (working) (139 Points)

18 June 2011  

Circuler no. 33/2011 dated 01.06.2011

acc. to company law if any company does not file its annual documents till the due date then it called defualted company and can not file other documents like form 18, 8 etc. till the default will be removed.

this circular will be effected from 03.07.2011

If Director of Defaulted Company also a director in other company then the other company can not file any documents with the dsc of above director.

Ca ,CS, ICWA, also can not issue any certificates to these defaulted Companies till the default will be removed.

If annual filing cannot file due to court's order or CLB Order and Marking of Managemen Dispute had done by ROC on any company then this circuler will not apply.

Some Documents Can be Filed which are following-:

Form No. 32

Form No. 20B

Form No. 21A

Form No. DIN3

Form No. 23AC, 23ACA

Form No. 23 B

Form No. 66

Form No. 11Nc