Kapil Kumar Singh Adv (Student) (572 Points)

06 April 2011  



Dear Friends,

Lets join n support  Mr.Anna Hazare 's fight against CORRUPTION.

Now is the apt  time that  we  rally behind this cursader fight.

Its not his fight alone ,its our fight ,its Indias fight against corrupt Politicians , Corrupt Bureaucrats, Corrupt Officials of each n every Department of the Government  .

Lets be like a TSUNAMI AGAINST CORRUPTION and wash away it away from our system.

If we dint  join him today , our coming generation will curse us.

We as a CA Professionals are faced with corruption at each n every stage of our PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE.

Our knowledge, intelligence n hard work  is suppressed by the these Corrupt Officials of Income Tax, Sales Tax,Service Tax, Customs and Excise Officials .We have to bribe them at each n every stage of our work. 

I Appeal to all CA Club India  Members to join this fight and support it.