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Failed ipcc group 2 in my third attempt

Shreena (IPC student) (40 Points)

05 February 2015  

Hey friends

Yesterday my results were declared and I couldnt clear my IPC Group 2, it was my third attempt and Ive lost all hope as I was very confident of clearing this time. My first two attempts I wasnt that prepared so I knew I would fail. But this attempt I did everything right, even followed the law of attraction ( visualised my marksheet with PASS etc, kept a positive attitude ) and my papers were good. I still dont know why the institute has failed me. I got 53 in adv acc, 48 in audit and a shocking 30 in IT & SM. Im saying shocking as in my last attempt for which i wasnt so well prepared, i had got 54 in IT & SM.  My aggregate total is also less by 4 marks this time. I have scored 131 this attempt. Please guys help me, motivate me, my father is  a CA and I  have disappointed him so much. 

Does'nt the secret work? How can a better prepation than before end up giving me lesser marks than the previous attempts? I seriously don't understand how the institute corrects papers. Im feeling very low on confidence. Lost faith . Please suggest something. I have 3 months left. And I dont want to quit!! 

Am I being stupid for attempting the 4th time? If I put more than 100 % in the coming attempt ( I agree I havent put my 100 % in completing the portion till now) will I clear or the institute is still going to be stupid and not clear me?

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Sanat Biswal (Chartered Accountant) (1139 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Hello dear...Don't panic now and just get a few things inserted in urself right now.
1.Think why had u joined for CA,this is a professional course which not only demands ur good score in academics but also tests you mentally as well.So,its time to show ICAI that we as CA students never have "I QUIT" type of attitude rather we have "I WILL DO IT" type of attitude.
2.Let a ghost enter ur brain,which keeps on saying "I DON'T WANT TO SIT WITH THOSE WHO COULDN'T CLEAR,RATHER I WANT TO PARTY HARD WHO STAND APART FROM OTHERS AND HAVE CLEARED THE EXAM".When ur brain keeps on saying the above line to u everyday..ur attitude will change completely and u will work in a different manner to score a hell of marks next time.
3.Start to make a detalied pattern of ur study pattern everyday,and revise all concepts learnt everyday during weekends.Don't loose track of ur progress in any manner.REMEMBER AS ICAI SAYS,"OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND"
4.Don't let any kind of distraction affect u in any kind of manner,for example forget about social networking sites,TV,mobile chitchats for a few mnths till ur exams and keep telling urself that these all things will not go anywhere even after the exams.
5.Forget about what is happening around you and remmber about what you are doing and hw best you are doing.
Now you may feel that its easier said than done....but I am saying all these as I have done it all in my preparation for IPCC this time and have scored a distinction in group-1 in NOV 2014.
So,I can definitely guarantee it will help u in everyway if u follow all things said above you will come out with flying colours....ALL THE VERY BEST....


Sanat Biswal (Chartered Accountant) (1139 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Follow this link for more inspiration and motivation....


Shreena (IPC student) (40 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Hey thanx. After failing yest, I have developed a new fear for failure. I hope I can clear my mind. 

Another thing that is upsetting me is the my boyfriend is really showing dissapointment in me. He is a CA final student. 

Does the institute check your attempts while giving out your results? As in will it purposely fail me if it sees that I havent cleared 3 times already?


S R P . (.) (420 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Mitul Raval (B.Com, CA,CFP^CM) (55 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

i will sugest you to buy this book. it is worth buying.

go to this link https://superpowerstudent.com/

Amit (student) (38 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Dude I have cleared my group 2 of IPCC yesterday it was my 5th attempt..my friends with whome I started CA qualified as a CA but I was still given my IPCC group 2 attempt..I am done with my articleship of 3 years still I am not registered as a CA final student..work hard don't loose hope..be patient..yes you need patients alot...advance accounting is the only thing which can get u out of this group...try for exemption bcoz no matter how much u try it is ddifficult to score in audit and sm&it..best of luck and always remember that life of someone else is more worst than yours..so take motivation from that..if I can you too can..

Himanshu (Student) (59 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Same case wid my frnd..yr he s also fail n 3 Times n eveytym his marks reduce even if his prep better evrytym..bt 4th tym he succed..i think u also succed n may attempt now

Ashwin (ARTICLE CLERK) (101 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Dr.APJ ABDUL KALAM SAID FAIL means First Attempt In Learning....

Varun (none) (379 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

Preparation and presentation can contradict severely!


I prepared and wrote my auditing exam so well...infact got an additional sheet lol.

my marks in that attempt- 44!!!!!


The following attempt...with just 2-3 days of preparation,i got 70!


This contradiction is amazingly common.Just let go of your failure and destress yourself.You can have one more crack and clear May 2015.



CA Srikanth Yadav (Chartered Accountant) (3162 Points)
Replied 05 February 2015

I can totally understand your feeling. (My ca final result:


I appreciate your positive attitude as you said you're not gonna quit. And yes please concentrate well for the may attempt. I advice you to study for 6 hours effectively every single day for the next 3 months. Even on the days, you do not feel like studying, you've to ensure that you study effectively for 6 hours. During the remaining time, you can do whatever you want to. But you've to discipline yourself for those 6 hours. If you do this, there's no way you'll not clear this time. Good luck :)

Sunny Bhatia (article assistant) (128 Points)
Replied 06 February 2015

This was my second attemp nd i passed group 1.... In my previous attemp couldn prepare well coz i had som family probs... got 47 in evry subject in group 1... In group 2 got 57 adv acc nd 57 in auditing nd 36 in itsm nd flunked...this tim i had decided to concentrate in group 1 oly bt registered fr both groups... Dint evn touch my group 2 books... I thought of jst revising it befr each exam once...bt coz tax was postponed i had fear tat may be this tim tax paper could be difficult so i dint revise group 2 subjects nd concentrated on tax subject nd jst went attempted group 2 exams nd wrote watevr i knew.... I passed my group 1 wid total of 222 nd in group 2 got 45 fr adv acc nd 45 fr auditing bt flunked in itsm by scoring 22... If i would hav passed in itsm thn group 2 would hav cleared... Bt no regreats coz i knw i dint prepare fr it.. :)))

AASHI (Pursuing articleship) (1482 Points)
Replied 06 February 2015

devisha..loa works... read the stories on that website every night you sleep. I passed group 2 in third attempt... with hardwork and loa. dont doubt 1% on the secret, have Faith, workhard and most importantly STAY HAPPY... loa says happiness attracts happiness... accept the fact that you failed.. may be just not destined to pass this time.. u will clear with flying colors next time and papa will be proud... god bless

raghavan (self) (611 Points)
Replied 06 February 2015

Dear.get new practice manual from inst and cover updates.......strengthen. ur preparation. And face the exam.follow. only inst material. Rtp u will sure. To clear. May2015..advance wishes

Devendra Pawar (Article Assistant) (26 Points)
Replied 06 February 2015

Always say 1 thing : "I will train my mind & my body will follow"

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