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31 December 2010  


Just an attempt by me to answer some of the general questions confronted by all the students..Originally posted by Ankur Garg..


Ankur Garg’s Contribution

Dear Members,

 Through this write-up an attempt has been made to invite the views of learned members regarding few queries listed below:


Few common queries raised by the students again and again are:


1. I am not able to recall prepared topics at the time of Exam


2. I am not comfortable with Law or Audit or Account….or XYZ subject.


3. How to get Rank in Exams


4. How to prepare a good revision schedule


5. I have very less time to study…it is possible to clear this attempt?


6. Can u guide me how to prepare for studies before exams. There is only 1 month left so plzz guide me.


7. Weather with 4 months preparation can I clear my final exam in my first attempt. please guide as i am very tensed about my study , still now i dint start my preparation . and in dec 2010 i have also my cs exam.


8. I am persuing CS professional course, I am working student, kindly advise me laymen strategy to clear it..


My Contribution

Answers to the Questions raised...

1. More and more time for study and Continuous Readings

2. Love your study...Interest is bound to develop...Don't take it as a burden..

3. Pre Condition For Rank

    - Don't panic

    - Appear for all exams without any fear and give your best shot

    - Smart Work should be > Hard Work

4. Revision Schedule keeping in mind the tough subjects(varies from student to student) in such a manner that all the subjects get revised atleast once.

5. It's always possible to clear the attempt. I have mentored the blank students even jst 2 months before the exam and they have cleared it too.

6. With only one month left for exam..first thing to do is remove the word ONLY...1 month is too much...more than 700 Hours! 

7. 4 months period is too long...

   - I took < 2.5 months preparation for CA PE-II and

   - < 3.5 months for CA Final Preparation

8. Study Schedule

   - > 2.5 Hours daily

   - and you will be through

General Tips

1. Remove the clock from your room while studying. There is no time to sleep or study or eating...whenever you feel bored of study or get tired..only then get up from your seat..

2. Try to analyse your most productive time slot and most unproductive time slot.

    However, Late night and early morning are identified as the most productive times.

3. Find out the productive and unproductive activites(TV, Sports, Social Networking etc.) Remove the unproductive activities from your schedule

4. Make two time slots for rest(sleep). Mind gets some fatigue after continuous study of >18-20 hours.

Sleep at two times(2 hrs in afternoon and 4 hrs at night)..You will feel relaxed..


All the best to everybody..If you are well prepared..have given good attempt...then...no cut in pass percentage or slashing etc restrict you from passing the examination..

So believe in yourself...and attempt in confident manner...


Rahul Garg