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kinisha shah (59 Points)

14 April 2018  
While filing GSTR3B If I update details that is not getting saved I am getting error as RT-SCVU101 since in this return I have Itc reversal which I enter in Eligible Itc box under ITC Reversed.
but if I remove that ITC Reversal that error Is not getting displayed
So may I enter Reversal of Itc under outward tax liability box since Itc reversal means Adding outward liability???
and if yes under which head??

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CA Rashmi Gandhi (Chartered Accountant) (59008 Points)
Replied 15 April 2018

Better you will deduct such amt from your ITC.

RAJA P M ("Do the Right Thing...!!!")   (115470 Points)
Replied 15 April 2018

Wait and try to later...
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kinisha shah (59 Points)
Replied 15 April 2018

I m deducting only from my Itc but since my credit is less and reversal is more so negative amount is appearing as payable

Girdhar (CA) (25 Points)
Replied 17 April 2018

Round off all the ITC and reversal amount to nearest rupee to counter RT-SCVU101 Error.

Hachika Machika (11 Points)
Replied 17 April 2018

i am getting same issue, i also have to reverse ITC that is causing problem

anoop (abc) (22 Points)
Replied 18 April 2018

If the error showing continuously then Enter ITC VALUE without decimal value

Bharath R Shet (2 Points)
Replied 19 April 2018

Same error, I too have negative ITC. Rounding off did not help. Any other suggestions?

jayendra Gaonkar (Asst. Manager) (212 Points)
Replied 19 April 2018

Mayur (Free Learner) (312 Points)
Replied 20 April 2018

I have same error. In my concern, I received CN due to which my net ITC was negetive for the month of march. I try to solve this error by entering value in rounded off, try to save data by entering value in ITC reversal, but that not worked.

So, I talked to helpdesk regarding the same error. They suggested that enter rounded off value, which I already did. Then they told that in case your net ITC goes into negetive, then the portal will not accept the same. If you do not have enough ITC to setoff tax of CN then you can setoff in next month. There is no other way to save data with negetive ITC.

In my case the IGST amount of CN was just Rs. 116, So I am submitting GSTR 3B as suggested by helpdesk representative even though I do not agree with the solution provided. 

The GSTN should resolve such technical errors at earliest cause it will result into interest and penalty to tax payers.

CA Rashmi Gandhi (Chartered Accountant) (59008 Points)
Replied 23 April 2018

Better you will raise you liability from such negative amount

Replied 16 April 2018

Yes Today i chase the same problem. Not yet filing

Satheesh Rabindranath (APPL - CHN) (37 Points)
Replied 22 August 2019

I have received the same error stated below.. 

"NET ITC Provided is not equal to ITC Available - ITC Reversed. If error persists quote error number RT-3BSS102 when you contact customer care for quick resolution."

This error was happened while uploading my 3B through  Tally. 

Error Rectified..

The  ITC reversal entry made wrongly crediting CGST  account instead of CGST and SGST account respectively.  

Pallavi Agrawal (1) (49 Points)
Replied 22 June 2021

I filed GST 1 for the month of March, 2021 correctly on 6th April with total output GST of around Rs. 80K. However while filing GST 3B due to some error the return has been filed with as NIL return. Can someone please guide now can I show the total sales and ITC in next GST 3b. If yes, do I need to pay the interest also? Please tell the correct way to calculate interest and also please tell can I manually enter the interest details in point no 5 in GST 3B?

Pallavi Agrawal (1) (49 Points)
Replied 26 June 2021

Please reply to the above query

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