Easy ways to learn service tax negative list in alphabetic o

krishnakumar (Compliance -Manager CWA)   (287 Points)

30 March 2013  

Here is the Easy ways to learn Service tax NEGATIVE LIST in alphabetic order...


  1. A- Advertisement (except on radio & T.V.)


02. B- Bridges on payment of toll charges or Access to road

03. C- Cabs  (transportation of passengers)

04. D- Diplomatic mission

05. E- Electricity

06. F- Funeral (includes transportation of deceased)

07. G- Goods Transportation of Goods

08. H- House Residential Dwelling

09. I- Interest ( Financial Sector)

10. J- Jhule (Rides-Entry to Entertainment Events)

11. K- Kheti (Agriculture)

12. L- Lottery,(Gambling)

13. M- Manufacture (Production of Goods)

N- ---------
O- ---------
P- ---------

14. Q- Qualification (specified services relating to education)

15. R- RBI

16. S- Sarkar (government)

17. T- Trading of Goods

Total 17 services are in negative list..