E-filing of return by legal heir of deceased


01 October 2011  

In case of efiling of Income Tax Return deceased client of mine we applied for the digital signature of legal heir giving PAN Card copy of of one of both - legal heir and deceased as well as death certificate of the deceased to the certificate agency, i.e SIFY, they allotted digital signature in the name of deceased and we filed the return using digital signature of deceased on 26/9/2011 now just yesterday I read in efiling website mentioning  new procedure for efiling of Income Tax Return by legal heir of deceased, according to it  scanned copy of PAN of both - legal heir and deceased as well as death certificate of the deceased is to be sent to the efilingadministrator @ incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in on receipt of this application they grant the permission to e-file  return of the deceased using digital signature of the legal heir, Now my question is what is the consequences of the procedural lapse in my case.

Also when this new procedure was published on e-filing website, I just noticed it yesterday evening, can anyone tell me when it was published precisely.

Whether SIFY, the certificate agency is at default by issuing the digital signature in the name of deceased despite giving requisite details of legal heir, copy of death certificate etc.

On contacting e-filing administrator giving all the facts of the case they are just replying send scanned copy of PAN of both as well as death certificate, they are just not reading the facts of the mail that return is already filed using the digital signature of the deceased without getting prior approval of them as per new procedure mentioned on website.

Pls. share what should be future course of action to rectify the genuine lapse in not following the newly prescribed procedure.