due date for PF return

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pls tell me the due date for filing Provident Fund Return?

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Relating to your querry about

1.P.F.Return : The employer has to submit FORM 3A & 6A - Annual Return for the Accounting year starts from March to Febraury of your employees on or before 31st of May for every year to the respective EPFO office of your area concerned to receive contributory slips to employees to know thier balance in their account.

About pension Scheme has been brought U/S 6A of the act. Employer part of contribution i.e.8.33 % to be diverted in pension fund under the head of account no.10 in the common challan along with Form 12 a - monthly return. The eligibility is to receive pension to the emplyee who has contributed to the scheme for more than 10 years service subjected to a maximum of Rs.541/-. 10 years service is not required when the employee expired in service either natural or accidental or contaminated by any occupational disease or Permant Total Disablement, he can contribute at least one month contribution to the scheme to receive minimm pension of Rs.450/- proportinately distributed to the dependants in the case of death or RS.500/- per month under permanent total disablement.

Scheme certificate : A Certificate issued by the department to transfer his amount in the Pension Fund to his present Account. It contains the employees particulars of service rendered in the previous organisation etc.,details. When ever an employee changes in a new organisation he can withdrawl the amount of employee part i.e.15.67 % by submission of Form 19 and also submit Form 10c to opt scheme certificate to transfer the past service and amount to his present account by submission of Form 13 (R) along with scheme certificate issued by the depatment.


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Ramesh information provided by you is very useful. 

I heard for PF it is monthly return and the same should has to be filed on 26th of subsequent month.

Can you pls clarify me whether it is monthly or annual return ????


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               Dates for EPF Returns

  • Monthly Returns - 25th of every month
  • Annual Returns - 25th of every year

Originally posted by : sai kiran
               Dates for EPF Returns

Monthly Returns - 25th of every month
Annual Returns - 25th of every year


EPF has dispensed off the submission of returns, 

now the department ask to file online ECR, after which the challans are generated by EPFO for payment, and thereafter no physical return is needed 

ECR must be loaded and paid before 15th of the month, for the wages/ salary paid in previous month 




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