DSC registration Problem ??

Tejas (Accountant) (78 Points)

30 November 2009  

Can someone help me with this ... trying to register a DSC on MCA site under director link....

I have already made the following changes in my Internet Explorer, as mentioned on the website ...... Tools > Internet Options > Security. .... Default Level is Medium
> Enabled the Download Signed ActiveX controls option.
> Enabled the Run ActiveX controls and Plugins option.
> Enabled the Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripttting option


When I select 'Director' link on the left hand panel ... a screen opens up...to fill DIN ...etc ...along with the screen I get a message to install activeX control is being installed ....

when I select install Active X Control......

A message appears that " Windows has blocked this software because it cant verify the publisher " Name : AssureSignControl.Cab ..

what is the solution ??  Is windows creating problem .... can mozilla browser work with MCA.