DPT 3 Form

Can anyone brief about DPT 3 and the information to be stated in this form??

download Form DPT-3 along with help file from MCA21 and read thoroughly.


1) DPT-3 - Filing Return of Deposit (or) particulars of transaction NOT considered as deposit (or) Both  2) Governing Rule : Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Amendment Rules, 2019 3) Applicable to all companies except Govt. Companies 4) Due date is ahead 30-May-2019 5) DPT-3 filing Fee is based on paid-up capital. 6) Delayed filing of DPT-3 will lead to penalty of Rs.One Crore (or) Twice the amount of Deposit so accepted, whichever is lower. (#OMG) 7) Period of outstanding receipt : 01-April-2014 to 31-March-2019 as Initial DPT-3 return. 8) Again outstanding receipt upto 31-March-2019 should be filed by selecting "Regular Return" in DPT-3 form. So, there is the requirement of TWO DPT-3 for need to file. (i.e) Regular Return includes the particulars of deposit BEFORE the date of 01-April-2014 and upto 31-March-2019  9) How to find the outstanding money : Check Latest Balance Sheet  10) If there is NO Return of Deposit, then, "Nil" return is also Mandatory to file in DPT-3 form. 11) The format of Auditor Certificate is attached with this reply. The requirement of attached format depending up on the Deposit or particulars of transaction by the company. So, No need to use all the four attachment. Kindly check financial statement. **** Note : This writing up is for Educational Purpose Only and i am not responsible to the accuracy of the attached format and above information. Kindly read Companies Act,2013 and amendments, notification & Circular and act as per Act ##

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