Download free xbrl software !!!!

CA AYUSH AGRAWAL (Kolkata-Pune-Mumbai) (26986 Points)

12 December 2011  


Download Free XBRL Software – Apex Xbrl Maker Free Edition



We recently come through a company which providingfree software for creation XBRL file. While in Market all companies are charging from Six thousand to thirty Thousand for one year for the software.  Software Name is ‘Apex Xbrl Maker Free Edition’ and it is developed by a Kolkata based  Software and Web Development Company  namely Saltlake Infosolutions Private Limited.  The Software is  listed on MCA website. The Key Features of Apex Xbrl Maker 2011Free Edition (Applicable only for MCA Taxonomy 2011) are as follows:

·         Create XBRL files for any number of companies

·         Import and Edit Existing XBRL files created for the MCA Taxonomy

·         Effortless XBRL tagging of Footnotes and Tabular Data (Tuples)

·         Automatic and Manual Calculation Modes

·         Advanced Find

·         Calculation Helper

·         Taxonomy Information

Listing of the software can be checked at the following Link:-

To Know more about the software Download the PDF file from the link Given below:-

To Download the Software and know More you can visit the Companies Website at the following link:-

Apex Xbrl Maker Free Edition


·         Users are requested to do there own research before using this software.

·         Listing on MCA Website is just that, a simple list of software. MCA is not endorsing or approving any software onthe list. So please exercise your own judgement before using Apex XBRL Maker or any other software.