Don't Compare Yourself With Anyone In This World............

soni chauhan (Service) (670 Points)

18 December 2010  

Don't Compare Yourself With Anyone In This World………                                                 benchmark yourself


 When our performance exceeds the benchmark or the standard then it makes us feel proud and delighted and if the performance fails to reach the benchmark then it makes us depressed.


We only make our own benchmarks or standards and for deciding it we are highly influenced and directed by our society, surroundings, our companions and most importantly by our own expectations.



We all are different from each other in respect to our needs, requirements, expectations, so we should have confidence in our abilities



It  is  the  hard  working, effort, commitment and  loyalty towards

achieving  success, goal  that makes us successful……………….



“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself”