disclosure of fixed deposit ( long term ) bank

we have few long term deposit with bank , how to disclose this fixed deposit in schedule VI balance sheet . whether accrued interest on fixed deposit is part of fixed deposit or other current assets. for calculation of CRAR how much risk should be assigned on this assets "0" or 100%.

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" Fixed Deposit is shown in Investment in Scdule VI Balance Sheet format.Accrued interest on investment is shown under Loans & Advances Under the head Current Assets.It is not a part of Fixed Deposit. "


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As per schedule VI:

Cash and cash equivalents

(i) Classification shall be made as:

(a) Bank balances;

(b) Cheques, drafts on hand;

(c) Cash balance;

(d) Cash equivalents – short-term, highly liquid investments

that are readily convertible into known amounts of cash

and which are subject to an insignificant risk of changes in


(e) Others (specify nature).

(ii) Earmarked bank balances (e.g. unpaid dividend) shall be

separately stated.

(iii) Balance with banks to the extent held as security against the

borrowings, guarantees, other commitments shall be disclosed


(iv) Repatriation restrictions, if any, in respect of cash and bank

balances shall be separately stated.

(v) Bank deposits with more than 12 months maturity shall be

disclosed separately


Fixed deposit of 2,00,000 rupees deposited on 16/03/2016 was not shown in balance sheet as on 31/03/2016. Can we show it for the year ending 2017 March?


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