Demand u/s 143(1) and online rectification request

Sadhan (Others) (30 Points)

09 March 2015  

I received a demand notice u/s 143(1) because I made a mistake when filing my return. I did not mention that I had already paid the taxes and did not enter the payment details. I can see that  the payment was made correctly in TRACES.

I filed a rectification request with the CPC based on the 143(1) notice and the online rectification status now says "Submitted".

However, I see that under "Pending Actions" on the online dashboard (on, there is a "Response to Outstanding Tax Demand" heading where a Response can be submitted.

My question is:

- Do I need to submit a response here or should I wait until the Rectification request gets processed and I hear something more from the CPC regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance for any help.