Demand and penality shown on dvat portal where there is no mismatch.

renu dutt (c a) (231 Points)

30 May 2019  

Drear experts, there is demand and penality shown on DVAT portal for the year 2014-15 first quarter on the site whereas there is no mismatch in the concerned period.Assessment for 2014-15 for CST is done but I am not able to apply for the C forms due to the blockage of the facility due to above demand. If I go to file objection there is no assessment order for the above demand so I can not file objection or appeal. On contacting DVAT office they are adamant that I should pay the due amount which comes around 5 lac, for which I have no liability. They are saying it is system mistake and they can not remove it. I don't know what to do after making endless visits to the DVAT office. There is no mismatch on the portal. My suppliers are demanding C forms. Pls help.