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Deffered Tax

Thumar Shital (PCC Student)     17 May 2010

Thumar Shital
PCC Student 
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what is deffered tax ? can anyone explain me? please reply me as early as possible


RAJU (LEARNER)     17 May 2010

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Provision for deffered tax is to be made as required by AS 22. 


Profit of an entity as per the books will be different from the income computed as per Income Tax Act.  The possible reasons for this is change in depreciation rate, certain expenses not allowed as per IT Act like items covered U/s.43B, 40(a).....


Provision for Income-tax is made in the books based on the income computed as per IT act.  However, the expenses which are disallowed in one year are allowed to be deducted on payment basis in the year of payment (43B, 40(a))  and depreciation which over the period of time will come in line with both books and IT.  These items which are capable of being reversal over a period of time  are called timing differences.  Such differences are capable of adjustment and hence the tax effect of the same needs to be provided in the books so as to give a true & fair view ........


In view of above, amount equal to tax rate on timing differences is provided in the books which denotes either benefit to be availed or foregone in future.

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Rahul (B.Com LL.B ICWA(Finalist))     17 May 2010

B.Com LL.B ICWA(Finalist) 
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Hai Sheetal,

Pl go through the appended text........hope u will satisfy......

Deffered Tax represents a company's liability for taxes owed that is postponed to future periods. Deferred taxis primarily the result of tax law that allows firms to write off expenses faster than they are recognized and thus create a deferred tax liability. For example, under tax law companies can often depreciate fixed assets at a faster rate for tax purposes than the actual use of the asset would dictate. Theoretically, the resulting difference between income under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and income for tax purposes sets up a deferred tax liability for the apparent taxes owed to the IRS in the future. In actual practice, the deferred tax liability may be postponed indefinitely if the company continues to buy new equipment. Over the past decades, accounting standards for deferred tax have been revised substantially. The rules for deferred tax remain complex and, in some circles, controversial. Some observers argue that deferred tax is merely an accounting fiction and that no deferred tax should be recognized, because the only tax liability is the amount actually owed to the IRS.



Ramana Rao
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how to caluclate deffered tax can any one give practical example and also  what are the entries.

please exemplify right from trial balance




Traditionally amount of tax payable is determined on the profit/loss computed as per income tax laws.
According to AS-22              
Tax on income is determined on the principle of accural concept.      
According to this concept,            
Tax should be accounted in the period in which corresponding revenue and expenses are accounted.
(i.e) tax shall be accounted on accrual basis ; not on liability to pay basis.    
Deferred Tax is tax effect of timing differences.        
Deferred Tax Asset/Liability            
As per AS-22,              
Income tax should be treated just like any other expenses on accrual basis    
 irrespective of the timing of payment of tax.          
Difference between tax expenses(which is calculated on accrual basis) and current tax liability,
to be paid for particular period as per IT act is called deferred tax(Assets/Liability).  
Tax expenses = Current Tax + Deferred Tax          
Deferred Tax Liability is            
Recognised for timing differences that will result in taxable amount in future years.  
Ex. A timing difference is created between depn. As per books of accounts & depn. Claimed under
tax laws which is in intial years higher than depn. Claimed as an expense in the Financial statements.
Deferred Tax Asset is              
Recognised for timing differences that will result in deductible amounts in future years and for carry
Deferred Tax Asset is recognised in current year for reduction in tax payable in future years.
When Timing Difference Would result into DTA/DTL        
Item   When    When     Result  
    Recognised  Considered      
    In P&L   in computation      
        of income tax      
Revenue/Gain Earlier   Later   Deferred Tax Liability  
Revenue/Gain Later   Earlier   Deferred Tax Asset  
Expense/Losses Earlier   Later   Deferred Tax Asset  
Expense/Losses Later   Earlier   Deferred Tax Liability  
Journal Entry              
Current Tax A/c………………Dr.            
To provision for current tax            
Deferred tax A/c………………Dr            
To deferred tax liability A/c.            
Deferred tax Assets A/c………………Dr          
To deferred tax  A/c.              
Tax expense A/c………..Dr.            
Deferred tax  A/c………..Dr   In case DTA is created      
To Current Tax A/c.              
To Deferred Tax A/c.   In case DTL is created      
P&L A/c………………….Dr.            
To Current Tax A/c.              


Please refer.............

Attached File : 59 deferred tax.xls downloaded: 234 times
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AS - 22.................

Attached File : 21 accounting standard 22.ppt downloaded: 169 times
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