Defective AOC-4 Notice

Partho Sarathi (13 Points)

01 December 2023  

I received a notice from MCA that said my 4 year old AOC-4 was defective and it needs to be filed afresh after fixing the mistakes. The email did not mention the actual mistakes but the MCA has marked the AOC-4 and all 3 attachments under it as defective. This has been placed in the company's public documents.

The 3 attachments are:-

1. Director's report - Scanning issue with parts cropped

2. Company Financials - Same scanning issue

3. Auditor's Report - No obvious issue. Not sure why this was marked as defective too.

The email also says if the form is not filed in 30 days legal proceedings will take place.

I have the proper scans for #1 and #2. What should be the next steps? What kind of fee, additional fee and fines am I looking at?

My company is an OPC. Also, my CA has changed this year. I don't know if that has any bearing.