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Ryan Gale (Employee) (60 Points)

19 July 2012  

Piron Corporation is one of the fastest growing learning solutions companies, based out of New York with offices in India. Piron treasures the requirements of your organization and is well organized to address today's challenges learners are facing in the learning environment by developing innovative learning solutions.

Piron is outfitted with up-to-minute technology as well as qualified & creative experts. Our expertise in custom content development fortifies us for getting content development projects done with ease & quality.

Our expertise in Custom Content Development covers a wide range that includes:

  1. K-12 & higher education
  2. Corporate training
  3. Simulation based learning
  4. Scenario based learning
  5. Localizing content
  6. Authoring tools
  7. Medical learning

Our focus remains on developing quality based interactive modules. the selection among quality, time & cost begins with quality and concludes with quality too. We follow the innovative path. the endeavors we get associated with, are believed to be accomplished with preferred quality. No matter how much time we dedicate in a project but the end result always talks with supreme quality. We do not scarify quality in any case. A collaboration of topnotch quality and interactivity for learners' involvement makes our delivered learning modules excellent.

Whether you are looking for innovative learning modules for pedagogical purpose or you wish your organization to be outfitted with modern appearance for fruitful & productive learning experience, both the scenarios will be benefited once you start a new journey with us.

Our new corporate video would familiarize you with what we were, what we are and where we are heading towards.


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