Cs with llb illegal?

mrphoenix (student) (24 Points)

11 July 2012  

hello everyone . I am a student of cs executive . I was told by somebody that doing cs and llb togather is  illegal . In worst case scenerio ,  one has to submit one degree if caught . Lately , delhi university in its instructions to prospective students  of llb , clearly mentioned that doing other professional course like ca and cs is not allowed and may lead to cancellation of degree I quote . ""The LL.B. Degree Course is a three-year full-time course and no student is permitted to pursue

simultaneously any other course including any professional course like Chartered Accountancy,
Company Secretaryship, etc. except a language course of the University of Delhi. The
admission of a student is liable to be cancelled at any stage for violation of this rule. The
Degree awarded may be withdrawn""
what should one do ? what could be the long run repercussions of doing the two togather . Should one wait until getting the membership of cs ? please help