Cs executive help.

Ramprasad Iyengar (Student CS) (63 Points)

10 February 2014  

Hello Friends,

I am doing my CS executive and  planning to give my executive exam in june 2014,
I have some doubts regarding the subjects in CS executive. i hope somebody from the forum can help on this. :)

1) Does one need to remember all the Section No of the Companies act 1956 with respect to company law and various sections of various other law of their respective subjects ??

2) With respect to case laws does one need to quote a case law when one attempts a question in the respective law subject ??

3) If Case laws have to be quoted can somebody tell me how is it humanely possible to remember all the case lawssad and if all arent required can anybody guide me on which all case laws are most important with a view on examination ??smiley

4)  In company acccounts does one need to form balance sheet according to the new format of schedule 6 of the companies act...??

Friends your input will of of great importance to me in formulating a strategy on how to answer the questions in the exam.laugh