CRN expired - Should I make payment again?

Biju Sharman (3 Points)

19 April 2023  

I delayed linking my Aadhaar and PAN and had to end up paying the Challan for 1000/- Now, I got the below message. Does this mean I need to make the payment again to generate a new CRN and pay tax for it? I need to find out the amount of tax to pay, though. I did not get any notification when I paid for Challan (or did I miss it?) . I expect that will be included in the payment amount.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


" Dear Abc Transaction of Rs. 1000 against CRN **** is expired. e-Filing, Income Tax Department. Today I received this msg from the income tax department. What is meant by this SMS? I filed my return paid late fees of Rs.1000, Return verified."