Criticism Is Good Sometimes


I know the topic I have chosen is quite weird, and I don’t know how many of u will actually agree with it…..but I do feel that ,sometimes being criticized by someone….specially by people whom you really admire or love ,does the work that no other thing can do to keep u grounded .

                 I have faced a lot of criticism in my life so far…. From my teachers (my maths teacher told me ”if u don’t want to study then why do u come to school”) but she was the same person who later said “Priyam I know u can score the maximum”,from my friends , my parents ,my competitors  ….criticism came in all forms……..but I must also admit that I  have been very lucky to have been admired by the same people who ones criticized me .

 Obviously kisiko apne bare mein bura sunna achcha nahi lagta…..but sometimes it can work as an eye opener……..

Why criticism is sometimes important…(according to me…..)


1)            Acts as an Eye opener – Many times we don’t realize that we can be wrong too, or we don’t know where we lack or where improvement is needed…..Being criticized  by someone can sometimes highlight our weak points  and then we can work on it…

2)         Keeps us grounded  - It is very easy for a human being to get carried away by ones success or achievements .Facing criticism can keep a check and help a person to remain grounded.

3)         Helps uRealize ur  true potential  -  Criticism can help u realize ur true potential….If someone tells u …u cant do a particular thing..”tumse nahi hoga” then u start taking it as a challenge…..and u try to prove them wrong…though u always had the potential to achieve that but only after facing criticism u really work towards achieving it.

4)         Take challenges –  believe it or not …if someone criticizes u…u r more keen on taking it as a challenge to prove everyone wrong.

5)         Helps u stay focused -   Its very easy to get distracted and lose ur focus ,losing enthusiasm midway which may hamper ur studies….when u r ctiticised ,u r forced to look clearly what went wrong or where u r wrong  .It brings back ur enthusiasm and determination.



I feel that Criticism is not always bad…..What comes to my mind at present is a dialogue from My Name is Khan “ duniya mein sirf do tarah ke log hote hai….achche log aur bure log “

               Similarly there are two types of Criticism.

Good Criticism- That helps u to realize ur true potential…it may hurt when it comes ur way, …but it has the power to change ur destiny.


Bad Criticism-   It doesn’t do any good to u….so don’t let it cause any harm to u…..just ignore karo!


At the end I can only say that …it truly depends on a person how he/she  takes the criticism that comes his/her way ………………….


There is nothing such as being praised by someone…..but jab praise ka overdose ho jata hai….thats when criticism comes to the rescue………


Life is all about learning…….so keep learning and stay happy always.