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Conversion of cr/dr to -/+ in export to excel

ageeem (student) (18 Points)

06 May 2012  

how to convert Dr/Cr to + / - , during tally data export to excel

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Ms.Shrikala V Deodhar (IPCC student) (93 Points)
Replied 06 May 2012

u need to format by using relpace option...i.e.select and press Ctrl + F and replace the signs u want to..try in rough eport sheet first

V P Narasimhan (Accounts Manager) (784 Points)
Replied 15 November 2012


After export you can format the numbers wherein the Credits can be given in ( xxxxx) in Drs. a/c & in vice versa.


Ibrahim (student) (27 Points)
Replied 23 December 2013

Dear Excel Experts,

I am also curiouse to find out solution about Coversion of "Cr" to minus.

This is required to be done if data is exported from "Tally to Excel"

Is any body having solution for this type of task?







Replied 26 December 2013

It is very simple to do by using the excel format cell

Please make a new custom cell format by using the

Go to - Format Cell - Custom (type = 0.00;-0.00)

press ok

To convert to Dr; Cr

in format cell - Custom (type= 0.00 "Dr"; 0.00 "Cr")

press ok

Rahul (Accounts Manager) (39 Points)
Replied 14 March 2016

Here is a way.

1) Place your cursor on cell D3 and go into the Define Name (Formulas -> Define Name/Name Manager)
2) Ener Name as "CRDR" (of your choice if you want) and under "Refers to" enter this formula =Get.cell(7,!C3)
3) On Cell D3, enter =CRDR, this should display the custom format applied on the cell like (0.00 "DR").
4) Enter the same formula =CRDR on all the Cells on D column
5) Apply autofilter on the D column, using custom filters, filter as desired.

Prodip Das (xx) (406 Points)
Replied 30 March 2016

You may refer the following link where the matter already shared by me:


Manoj Kumar (Consultant) (34 Points)
Replied 22 August 2016

Use CSV excel format to remove DR and CR

Vishal Dhoka (Article Assistant) (32 Points)
Replied 03 June 2017

Go to Format Cell... Delete "00:00 cr" format, then all Cr entries would show amount without "cr". Example "1100 cr" to "1100", Then Use formula "=cell("format",a3), this will show "F2" on "Dr" entries and show "G" on  entries you deleted format "1100". This will create point of Distinction. Use IF function to further go for +/- values

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CA Rakesh Patel (2 Points)
Replied 23 September 2021

Go to Number Configuration and add prefixes as (-) and (+)  as needed and remove suffix.

Don't forget to restart Tally.

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