Comparison of Review Courses CFA

Naren (Audit executive) (230 Points)

20 August 2010  

Hi everyone ,


This is a detailed analysis of review providers for CFA

The various review providers are

1.Kaplan Schweser

2.Stalla Pass Master

3.Allen Resources






1. Well-organized

2. Concise

3. Have Long History as Study Notes Provider.



1. The writers are pretty emhasize what topics they expected to come up or not come up in the exam. Their exam tips may be right and also may be WRONG.

2. Testbank is much easier than the real exam.


Rating of 2 on 5 for notes and qbank


Author note - Biggest advantage is you can either download these notes for free or get the same from xerox shops in mumbai for Rs 2000 inclusive of freight covering notes , qbank software as well as video coaching




1. More Comprehensive - Every answer provides specific reference to their text and LOS



1. Verbose - "You feel overwhelmed and totally confused after reading through their notes for exam, but very enlightening if you use them for general background reading."

2.They are expensive .... They cost 700 $ for notes and software ....... You cannot get them cheap


Allen Resources


1. Good testbank - Lots of questions . Please however read the related weakness 


2. Study notes is too concise -

3.Questions have typo errors and they are not necessarily prepared by CFA Charter holders , Often Level 1 questions are prepared by Level 2 candidates


For people who are scared and prefer coaching . You can opt for PIRON , CONCORDE CPA and PRISTINE

I would however recommend not to rely on them solely and it would be better if you buy stalla and schweser instead , it works out to a slightly higher cost but more materials


Concorde CFA seems attractive because

RS. 18,000 + Rs. 1,854 (Service Tax) -


Which includes


Concorde Academics will be providing one of the calculator as a complimentary gift to all its enrolling students.



  • Comprehensive coverage of CBOK content specification outline (Syllabus)
  • Live interactive classes using latest educational techniques
  • Thorough grounding of all concepts by experienced faculty from international finance firms & multinational
  • Prepares you not only for the exam but also for the practical scenario.
  • All Faculties are CFA level 3 passed out and are placed in key positions in various MNCs
  • 160 hours of live coaching
  • 6 live mock test
  • 14 online mock test
  • Assistance / guidance for exam application & schedules
  • Doubt clearing sessions on one to one basis by our faculty

Please note the number of mock tests they offer , plenty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . But I think they offer coaching in Mumbai , for Delhi you can opt for


1.Ensure classes are done by CFA Passouts (CFA Charterholders). For eg it is of no good if your economics in level 1 is done by a phd , because the requirements for this sort of exam are unique

2.Compare the LOS of the CFA Material with your review course provider and ensure you have an understanding of everything

3.For June 2011 candidates , please keep abreast of where you can take the exams , December 2010 level 1 can be given in India , If June 2011 cant be given in India , I would recommend Singapore , Dubai , Muscat etc over Colombo and Kathmandu even if they are more expensive

4.People who are pursuing and who have cleared many levels are encouraged to share their views to benefit the community at large . Please express your views and add to them

The method i am adopting for recommending a combination of Kaplan and stalla is a cautious approach which will assist , but others please participate , this is my request to everyone

People are also encouraged to tell me what they would want posted next , I am here to assist and am here to STAY !!!!! LOL

Cheers Guys , Good day and God bless everyone