Commercial Angle on IPL

SIVASIVA (FCA, Future CA) (4935 Points)

07 April 2011  

The latest Brand Finance study, which reveals a 11%, or $460 million drop in the value of the IPL, is evidence that all is still not well with the IPL. After two years of solid growth-the brand's value more than doubled last year-the IPL's worth is now pegged at $3.67 billion, down from a peak of $4.13 billion a year ago. 

Brand-Finance is a UK-headquartered firm that specialises in brand valuation. 


At another, more tangible, level the IPL has been hit by a tornado of galloping costs. Team costs, which comprise largely of players salaries and auction spend, shot up to 40-45% of revenues in last year's IPL . The corresponding figure for IPL 2 was 30-33%. 


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