Clarification regarding DSC enablement in GST Portal

G RAKESH (Article Assistant) (62 Points)

10 August 2021  

One of my new Client Pvt Ltd had 2 directors, First director was authorised Signatory in GST Portal. Due to Conflict between Directors , 2nd Director Removed 1st Director and Appointed another Director in his place and Passed BR. and Filed ROC Returns, but problem is GST Registration has been Cancelled due to non filing of returns ( 1st Director as Authorised Signatory and he is not supporting us to file returns and We don't have DSC of Him) . We couldn't even filed Revocation of Cancellation of GST Reg. in time.If the STO accepted & add to new authorised signatory. What Should be the Next Procedure where we couldn't even filed Revocation in time  ??