Chartered accountant number is increasing

Sambu Suresh (CA Job) (564 Points)

18 March 2013  

It has been observed over the last few attemts the number of Pass outs are increased. Definently it will be good sign if number is increased because the students efforts and performance. However it never find in realty. The average performance of the students is falling down by attempt to attempt.

The impact of Increase in number of Chartered Accountants:

If the number of chartered accountants increase in market, automatically the remuneration will be reduced which other wise would have been enjoyed by the profession. The companies which wants to hire  a candidate with the profie of Post graduate or gradute will look towards the fresh Chartered accountant since he is more knowledgable and having professional degree. But the impact , he will not be given the profile upo the mark which a chartered accountant is supposed to do. It is evident that even the companied hiring the chartered accountants for passing the daily vouchers.(data entry) 

if any person continues his job wiht the low proficle his chances of getting the good jobs and his marketability will get reduce and resultantly loose the confidence.

On the other side of the profession who are into the pratice will be forced to accept the assignments at low rates. And it will goes to the worse situation that the the basic principles of the Indepence, Integrity bla blw will phase out.

These will create a bad impression on the profession and gradually it will impact on the survival of the institute.

Increae in the performance of the students:

Arguments say that the performance of the students is increased so that the institute can not reduce the result. So the number of persons passout is increasing. This is 100% correct I agree with this.

If students perfornance increased means the institute has not increased its standards which is a  alaraming signal. Insitute should try to increase its standars which will become tough to the students and keep up the brand image.

if institute increases its standards, then  the students who have the caliber and intelligece will pass out the exams.

Becasue of the lower standard of the exams, numbers may increase but not the quality. Institute should make the tough and tough the exam. then the students try to give theire best. Only the best students who have all the qualities wil become the members of the institute.

Students are similar to  the Diamonds , The more you sharpe, the more they will shine. But unfortunately Institute is missing out this impartatn point.

But I wonder why the Passouts in IAS & IAM is not increasing. Still they are enjoying its brand Image becasue they are addingup every year the new things into their curriculam. If Institure ignore on this aspect, very soon it will pay the price. The students stop looking at the Institute they will go for some other rewarding career.

My Suggetion for  the Institute:


Make all the questions in the exam compulsory.

Conduct the exam once in a year and not twice in a yaer. which will give the students enough time to spent on the subject rather than on the suggested answers.

Conduct the exam on daily basis and not the alternative day.

Increase the term of the president say minumum 3 years. A period of one year is very less for any one to make the changes. His time will be over on visiting all the branches and conducting two exams. What more he can spend the time for the institute development.


Introduce the Ranking system in the CPT. LIke top  1000 ranks only will be allowed to do the CA. like IIM's.

And condut the GD, Interviews after CPT before entering into the next level eductaion.

Institute should conduct the classes for CA inter and they should be allowed to do the Articles only after completing the CA Inter.

stop the private institute from bluffing the students that the ca course is very easy and can pass out the exam by reading the suggested answers.

Articles should be mandatory. After complting the article or during the last 6 months they should be allowed to write the final exams.

Those who apt for job make the Industrial training compulsory. So they will get train in the Industry rather than in the CA firm. I meant to say . The articels period should be split into two parts. First two years is compulsory for all under a CA. And after completing the CA . They should get train under CA if they want to go for practice or in Industry if they want to gor for Industry.

I welcome further suggetions from the peer members. I personally dont want criticise any one but want to  analysie the latest issue in the profession and contribute the suggetions.

Suresh sambu