Chartered accountancy - passion or headache

CAankur kumar (1 Points)

09 April 2019  


Knowing the fact that you are well aware of the CA course and your seniors have filled you in all the essential regarding this course, my answer is that you can do it including the age factor. But if you don’t have even the slightest idea regarding the CA course then i think you should consider your thinking before pursuing further. One of the hardest courses in India is CA and more than that it takes 3–4 attempts to pass (on average pass record). Even if you are skilled in maths and calculations still you need to do a hard practice to cope-up with the entire exam practice. Hardly there is a chance that your luck plays a vital role (that i never heard my entire life).

The qualities that you need to become a great charter accountant would be:

Hard working



Time management

Calm minded



With these qualities your distance between success becomes short. But speak of which these qualities are not more than regular words if you haven’t realized the true meaning the course or why you had chosen in the first place.The candidates which not only pass this exam but become AIR rankers doesn’t have anything special than you and I except the determination and dedication towards their goal. Their hard work leads them to the stairs of Success. Sure they have failed before just like us but only difference is that they learn from their mistake while others take it as fate of their own. The only trick they know is hard work and confidence that makes them feel strong and open the gates of success. So at last I would say that you can do it no doubt about it but consider the time factor and amount of valuable chances that you are going to take