Change font in tally.erp9 (in all reports and vouchers)

Shravan Kumar Varma (owner) (258 Points)

26 April 2014  

Dear All


By default font in Tally is Arial

Here is the solution to  change your font in Tally.Erp9 (All reports ----all Menu's --- all vouchers and sales invoice

find the tcp files and paste in Tally.Erp9 folder  and configure with your Tally.Erp9

Using F12 Configuration
i. From Gateway of Tally menu Select F12:Configure Screen
ii. Select the option TDL Configuration
iii. click F4:Local TDLs on button bar
iv. Add the file name with directory path

for Example if your Tally.Erp9 installed in D drive

your directory will be  = D:\tally.Erp9\change tally font   Bookman Old Style.tcp


Shravan Kumar Varma



Authorized Tally Sales and Service Partner  - Hyderabad