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CFA after CA

aashish (student) (33 Points)

17 March 2011  

HI all..

I have done my CA in Nov 10 and joined KPMG as executive- transfer pricing services.

I wish to do CFA now as i want to make a career in finance. but i couldn't get a job in finance after my CA because there were not many options in chandigarh and i couldn't relocate to any city outside chandigarh at the moment.


i wish to know, whether doing CFA will help me? i'm doubtful because by the time i'll clear my CFA, i'll have 2.5 yrs of experience in Transfer Pricing. wont it hamper my future growth instead of helping it? will my experience turn irrelevant if i apply for a job in finance hardcore? can i get a job which exploits both my skills of finance and tax??


Please help clearing my doubts. anybody doing CFA after CA? pls post your views.

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Chirag Goel (student - CA, CFA) (228 Points)
Replied 18 March 2011

Hello Ashish,


First of all, congratulations for having completed one of the most prestigious courses in the country and being a part of the CA Community.


Well, the word 'Finance Hardcore' is different to different persons. Eseentially, it depends on the perspective of yours here. CA is mainly concerned with Taxation, Corporate Law, Auditing and Accounting. KPMG being one among the "Big Four" certainly provides a lot of opportunities in the acoounting and auditing domain. I am glad you found a job there and that too as Executive - Transfer Pricing.


Now, I straight away come down to business. KPMG is a big firm. It hires CAs mainly for analytical works which may even be done by MBA grads. Now, CAs, basically, are required to solve taxation prroblems, Acoounting matters etc. With Transfer Prcing, I assume you are mainly concentrated towards the documantation and modelling of pricing policies (and Strategies) between two parties which in a manner is helping your clients with taxation problems. 


Now lets come down to your aspirations for CFA. See, you mention that by the tme you clear teh exams, you would have experience in the fields of Transfer Pricing and strategic planning (maybe). CFA as a whole is concentrated towards equity research and Portfolio Management. It has no relation to what exactly you are doing at the moment. So, from what I see, it won't actually be adding much to your CV, rather it would be like starting right from the beginning.


I have chosen CA + CFA because I have had a lot of experience with Markets. My dad runs a Franchiee of a prestigious broker-house and I know the ins and outs of the whole damn procedure. Hence, I just need a 'degree' (CFA Here) just to prove that. I still am focussing more on being a successful CA. Besides, all these a lot of people here in CAclubIndia don't know that I am actually in the Final year of my engineering too, the course which I mainly chose to prepare for various exams and gain an experience of Hostel life which shapes your mind quite analytically. My engineering actually added value to my aspiration for CA because you cannot do an audit of an industry unless you know the central operations of the entity. This led me to acquire a job in Headstrong Finacial Services (Noida) as Business Analyst (Finance). I myself always wanted to get indulged into Financial Advisory thing. Right now, my dreams demand from me a thorough knowledge of Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Wealth Management etc. To accomplish this, I chose CFA for Portfolio Management and am later planning to take up CFP for asset and wealth management. 


So, I still insist, as I always do, choose courses wisely, because in the long run, it's not the money that matters but the pleasure of  doing what YOU actually wished to do does.


Ashish, I might have taken your question wrong, feel free to clarify, if this case actually is here.


Best wishes,



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espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 19 March 2011

well u see ashish..ur problem is that u live in chandigarh and i doubt there are a lot of private equity firms or investment banks there...but if u can then  relocate to delhi..u can easliy find a job in any invetement bank here ...i have seen many many CA's working here and abroad in investment banks, PE firms, VC's, Hedge funds etc.. so dun worry...and if u can then take the GMAT then aim for a big B-SCHOOL ..plus go for CFAas well.. coz the SFM papaer in ca final paper resembels the CFA level 1 & 2 course...and dun stop following ur dreams..stay 1 step ahead of ur dreams..



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Sowmya P K (Chartered Accountant) (251 Points)
Replied 22 March 2011

Hi Chirag..

My case is almost the same as Aashish, except that i am working as Executive in Internal Audit and Risk Advisory services, KPMG Bangalore. My job profile is more of operational aspects of any industry (lik internal audit, revenue assurance, etc).

I too wanna make a career in finance. I did not try for finance jobs because ca as such offers very basic knowledge in finance. There is much more to it than just the mafa subject.

Could you guide me about CFA...

Chirag Goel (student - CA, CFA) (228 Points)
Replied 22 March 2011

Hello Sowmya,


It's great to learn that you too are very much interested in the field of Finance (I am assuming core Finance here). Further from your post, I learn that you have chosen CFA as a tool for the very same purpose.


Now Sowmya, first of all, CA is a very intensive course with a very broad curriculum which certainly keeps on changing every year. The very basics, you dealt within the subjects, are a kind of base to adding layers of knowledge to a certain region of in simple terms getting a specialization on certain things.


CFA as a whole is mainly concerned with Equity research and Analysis. It also emphasize on Investment Managemnt, Portfolio Management and a very little knowledge of Asset management is also there in the curriculum. Since 2006, there is not much of a change in the curriculum offered by the CFA Institute, Virginia, USA. Earning a CFA charter requires you to complete all of the following minimum requirements:


1. Possession of a Bachelors Degree or US Equivalent.

2. Having passed all the 3 levels of examination by clearing the Minimum Passing Score (MPS).

3. Must possess atleast 4 years of experience of working in Investment Industry which certainly is not only limited to this but has a very wide scope instead.


To appear for Level 1 Examination, the following requirements must be fulfilled:


1. Candidate must have a Bachelors Degree or be in the Final year of his Bachelors or US Equivalent.

2. Must have a passport issued by the country of citizenship (this requiremnt became mandatory for registration of candidates for 20011 exams and after).


The curriculum has been designed to suit the nature of Capital Markets worldwide and not that of the US only. Since you are working as a risk advisory professional, this course intends to help you grow in the long run by helping you assist mergers, acquisitions etc.


For more details I would advice you to visit https://www.cfainstitute.org . 




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Swapna Billa (Chartered Accountant) (35 Points)
Replied 29 October 2012

Hello Chirag,

I am a CA qualified in Nov'2011. I am working for a US based company in Hyderabad as an accounting specialist from last 4 months. I am interested to study another professional course. I am thinking of going for a CFA. Will my carrer be good with what I have chosen or shall go for any other course? Please advise me...

renu rinku (Accountant) (106 Points)
Replied 06 December 2012

Congratulation ashish

R. Naidu (CA Final CS Final) (67 Points)
Replied 20 December 2012

CFA with CA is good

rajesh kshyap (student) (42 Points)
Replied 20 December 2012

Friends now you can prepare for C.F.A (USA)  easily from home with the video lectures . Earlier it  was very difficult to prepare for C.F.A by self study because of the couse content . I got complete Video lectures and notes  of world's leading coaching institute from Swastik Education . You also can get those if you want to prepare for CFA by contacting them -           swastikedupvt @ gmail.com 

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CA Ashutosh Sharma (infosys limited) (22 Points)
Replied 26 July 2016

i have qualified ca in nov 2015 and joind infosys as an associate consultant in erp .now i want to do cfa .is theree any scope.as i think cfa will not count infosys in its works experience required for cfa course.please guide me

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