Certification of altered memorandum

yashsr (CA) (2270 Points)

29 July 2011  


I've just altered MOA of a Company and now want to get it certified through MCA. So what is the procedure?

As I understand, I need to take a print of the MOA from my hard disk(i.e. not from the MCA website) with its first page on a Rs.100 Stamp Paper(since Rs.50 stamp paper is not available). Then I need to affix a Rs.2 or Rs.5 stamp on the same and then MCA will get it certified.

But then I found that I have get a certified copy from the 'Get Certified Copies' link on the MCA. When I go there and select MOA, I have to make a payment of Rs.25 per page. What is this payment exactly for? Is this required to be made for getting a certified copy of MOA from the MCA