Cenvat on goods purchased

CA Akshay Yetiwar (ca) (254 Points)

06 June 2012  


Please guide,
XYZ Pvt ltd. Co. manufacturing concern,
-They have two unit .No. I and No. II.
-Unit I receives inputs and removes as such that inputs to unit II...
-Then Unit II avails the cenvat on those inputs and uses those inputs for
manufacturing the finished goods.
-These finished goods are sold to unit I by Unit II by paying the excise duty...
-On receipt of these goods in unit I , they avail the cenvat credit on these
goods... and do a direct sale to the customer . without any further processing.
so my question is whether unit I is availing irregular cenvat credit ... as the goods
are not input for themm.. they are only doing trading.
Sir kindly give me the reply