Case study---urgent help needed

vignesh (B-com CS CA-Final CFA-level 1 candidate)   (1053 Points)

21 January 2012  



Navjot singh joined lakshmi bank(LB).meerut branch as a clerk after obtaining a PG in chemistry from delhi university in 2006.he worked wilth diligence and was rated as a good worker,hard working and ambitious.he did his CAIIB(certified associate of indian institute of bankers) in 2008 and thereafter applied for  promotion as an officer.he did not get promotion as his scores in written exam were low.meanwhile he was transferred to delhi university campus branch.his efforts to become an officer did not succeed and finally he decided to join the union.he became the president of local branch of the union.through his interpersonal skills,he was close to most of the employees of LB…he helped them by putting out fires between people.he was considered as a tough negotiator.

in 2010 when an opportunity came,he was considered for the post of an officer but rejected as his interview scores were not satisfactory.there was a rumour that the branch manager’s report was negative.meanwhile Navjot started his business of dealership in automobiles,using a dummy name.he managed to divert the deposits of nearby business community to his business.based on the recommendation of the new branch manager,navjot got promoted to office cadre.On getting the appointment letter,everbody decided to throw party for celebrations.however,navjot expressed that he is wiiling to take the offer  provided the bank can assure him that he will not be transferred for the nex 3 year,from this branch…

Questions for discussion:

1.comment  on the promotion policy of LB,using inputs from above.? you think that the management should agree to navjot.?
3.what could be repercussions.??