Career Opportunities after Distance MBA

Yash Birmal (2 Points)

14 January 2022  

The whole world is going online! People are now used to the online learning platforms more than ever. Is the buzz for online MBA really worth it? In this article let us see ‘The Impact an Online MBA course can have on your career’.

It is evident that there is surge in applications for online MBA since the pandemic. The professionals who wished to utilize their time have opted for an Online MBA course to hone their skills. The sheer advantage of it is the flexibility and affordability that these courses provide. “There is more demand for online education now than we have ever seen.’ – W. Brooke Elliott the major reason for this trend is the longterm outlook for career advancement and career progression.

Career Impact of completing an Online MBA degree:

  1. Promising career opportunities:
    Career is the most valued craft of a person’s life. It gives a person the sense of value, recognition and financial independence. Advancing in one’s career is a dream for most of the working professionals. To advance in career one needs to attract the right kind of opportunities. To attract the right kind of opportunities, it is inevitable that you invest in your own development related to business knowledge, personality, awareness about business functions. An online MBA degree can surely assist you to attract the right kind of opportunities and be visible at the right kind of platform.
  2. Networking:
    For working professionals, expanding their social network is important. When you enroll into a professional course like an Online MBA, you automatically get in touch with the right kind of people as your batchmates. This professional group of batchmates surely adds value to your knowledge. You also get exposed to different work cultures and opportunities. Online MBA course delivery doesn’t have geographical limitations. Hence there is a possibility that you may interact with students who are from different countries and backgrounds. This will increase your understanding of diverse cultures. Managing diversity is one of the most coveted skills by employers these days.
  3. Job Promotions:
    A well curated Online MBA helps you to increase your understanding of business practices. You get aware of the various aspects like marketing, sales, IT, finance, operations, human resources etc. Since you widen your base through this course, you tend to receive the most suited job promotions. Research was conducted considering what the candidates expect after completion of MBA degree. 94% of the participants expected to secure senior management job roles in the next five years timeline. 71% mentioned that it has enhanced their personality and made them more confident about reaching their career goals, hence they will soon achieve their job promotions.
  4. Income:
    Since you become the most suitable for the promotions, it surely reflects in your pay packages. When you are pursuing an Online MBA, you can balance your job and studies. Hence you are getting a hands-on exposure of the real world as well as getting the inputs on the theoretical concepts that drives the real world. This gives you a unique experience
    which is valuable for the employer also. Since the employer benefits from your experience, they are more open to offer you pay rise. You may also look for the top opportunities available in the market by other employers. Research suggested that 47% of the total participants expected to earn more than 60% of their current packages in the next two years span.
  5. Career Progression:
    The small steps that you take daily help you reach your career goal. These baby steps help you reach your true potential. When you are handling a full-time job and Online MBA studies you are acquiring the skills like time management, planning, crucial decision making, delegation of tasks, increased focus. All these skills lead to an improvement in your overall personality and soft skills. You must be aware of the fact that employers are looking for employees with high score on soft skills. The faculty at the reputed MBA schools help you chisel your personality and add to your knowledge base at the same time. All these factors contribute to the overall career progression for the candidate who decides to go for an online MBA.
  6. Emotional Boost:
    The percentage of employees in the workforce who take a break from work are all time high. They take a break to pursue certain hobbies, dream journeys, personal responsibilities etc. However, after the break when you plan to return to work, an Online MBA degree, might be the one which will give you the right kind of launchpad. Especially, for the women employees
    who might take a break to start a family and after few years wish to return to work, they can find a tremendous increase in the self-confidence and a boost in self-image. The new learning, newly found professional network and the confidence from the faculties might just be the thing that they might be needing to take their career in the right direction. New learning experiences can give you the emotional boost you might need to progress in your career.
  7. What do employeers look for:
    Employer’s point of view is crucial in the whole process. What do employers value more? A full time on campus program or an Online MBA? Its interesting to know that it doesn’t matter to what methodology you used to complete the degree! Yes, you read it right, the methodology of the course delivery doesn’t matter if you are in a position to give quality work to the employer. The employers however value the quality of the MBA program and the value a candidate can deliver to the organisation. So, while choosing an online MBA program you need to look for the good quality reputed colleges/universities/courses.

Hence, you may surely observe that if you plan to take your career ahead and leave a greater impact on the people around you than it is a smart choice to go for an MBA. The caution comes in the choice of the courses, domain, institutes, course structure and the overall faculty expertise from where you plan to do your degree. Persist to achieve your goals.